The Faculty of Life and Environmental Sciences intends to foster those who can contribute to the well-being of local communities in harmony with nature.


The Faculty of Life and Environmental Sciences educates students to contribute to realizing the well-being of local communities through sustainable food production and supply by providing students with a broad perspective and knowledge on life sciences, food production and processing, the environment and energy, local economy, corporate management, and governmental administration.


The total admission capacity of the Faculty is 150.

Departments of Natural Sciences
Department of Biotechnology (Admission capacity: 35)
Department of Local Produce and Food Sciences (Admission capacity: 37)
Department of Environmental Sciences (Admission capacity: 30)

Department of Social Sciences
Department of Regional Social Management (Admission capacity: 48)


Students will be trained through a practical curriculum on life, food, the environment and management so that they can develop the ability to recognize issues of relevance and to propose solutions by integrating the knowledge attained under our mission.

Curriculum concept and structure

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